Born and raised in Los Angeles Fabian Lopez received his BFA in drawing and painting from California State University – Long Beach and his MFA in painting from Tyler School of Art where he was awarded a full scholarship – the future faculty fellowship. He has participated in both group and solo exhibitions in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Rome and the Elizabeth Murray Artist Residency.

Before joining the art department faculty at Skidmore College, Lopez had previously taught at Tyler School of Art and Rowan University. His work has been published in New American Painters 104 and 122,, and

Unless otherwise stated, all work herein is copyright of the artist, Fabian Lopez ©2023

Exhibitions as Curator

Dirty Pretty Things: Group exhibition

Dirty Pretty Things

The title to this show is in reference to E.E. Cummings poem, “Anyone Lived in A Pretty How Town” and the artist who work and live in close proximity to one another. Stylistically, Cummings gives us an insight to many individual perspectives to provoke common sensations and create a singular experience within the livelihood and structure of a city through the people who inhabit it.

Literature and imagery have always been a reflection of one another and a common place to understand a person’s livelihood. Showing these artists in one room who live and work close to one another within Philadelphia exemplifies the depiction written in the poem. Although we are surrounded by similar things, we develop diverse translations to common daily activities. Through our practice in developing images or objects based on interest influence by daily events, we find common parallels to that work of which we are making and looking at with the places we inhabit.

The exhibition was visualized over a period of time as I kept track of several artists working in Philadelphia. As an artist who curates, I am drawn to other artists working in a similar vein or the complete opposite. The notion of polarities which in turn may connote balance has always presented itself when evaluating work. Showing these artists in one room instead of seeking them in different spaces, I am interested in allocating their synthesis among one another. It is through this convergence, we navigate in space to interpret structure, meaning, content and thought provoking ideas.

-Fabian Lopez, Exhibition Curator

Participating Artist:

Chris Hartshorne, Dustin Campbell, Fabian Lopez, Jessie Hemmons, John Roebas, Rubens Ghenov, Ryan McCartney and Shanna Waddell



((UNTITLED)) Group exhibition

This exhibition was put together and installed within twenty four hours of the show opening and continued for four weeks.

-Fabian Lopez, Exhibition Curator

Participating artist:

Chris Hartshorne, Fabian Lopez, Jerry Kabba, John Roebas, Ryan Parker, Rubens Ghenov and Shanna Waddell

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